Reusable Emergency Shelter


Accelerated housing solution for communities devastated by natural disasters

Extreme weather events are intensifying around the world leaving vulnerable communities home-less.

Reusable emergency shelters provide the components for building basic housing communities. They can be shipped and assembled in one week providing the victims with up to 30 months to re-start their lives. The housing can be easily adjusted for changes in family structure. Once vacated, the structures can be dismantled and stored for future use.


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Pratt Institute


  • Ridima Jain

    Ridima Jain

    Pratt Institute

    I’m an Industrial designer exploring new dimensions in materials, processes and systems. From experimental passion projects to commissioned work for clients, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for this dynamic industry ranging from medical design, public transportation design, material innovation, packaging design, digital product design and system design. My goal is to innovate in the field of Industrial Design, making optimum use of resources by having a radical, restorative and regenerative approach to business and products so as to provide effective response to design challenges and contribute to building a circular economy. more

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  • Alessandra Clemente

    Alessandra Clemente

    Pratt Institute

    Alessandra Clemente is a recent 2022 BFA Interior Design program graduate at Pratt Institute. She is a self-motivated designer whose interest centers around working on social and environmentally responsible design solutions that engage her creative and tenacious abilities. Throughout her participation in developing the Emergency Housing module, she focused on the conceptualization, design, and representation of the interior elements of the project. more

  • Anushritha Yernool Sunil

    Anushritha Yernool Sunil

    Pratt Institute

    Anushritha Sunil is a human-centered Indian designer, and architect based in New York. She approaches complex global questions by engaging a diversity of deep knowledge, untethered by conventional norms, and generates unique outcomes across various scales and disciplines. She advocates creating happier and healthier equitable futures using an empathic lens. She has recently finished her Master's in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and works as a designer at Street lab, New York. more

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  • Marie Pocheron

    Marie Pocheron

    Pratt Institute

    My name is Marie Pocheron. I am a French illustrator and a designer. I studied Space Design in Paris at Ecole Boulle and Interior Design at Pratt Institute in New York. I am currently working for Réseau(x), an urbanism and landscape Agency in Paris. Global problems such as climate change are at the center of the development of my project! As a young designer, I couldn’t develop projects without taking into account biodiversity, the environment and humans. more

  • Joseph Neu

    Joseph Neu

    Pratt Institute

    It’s my interest in subjects that might be overlooked that lead me to become a designer. I graduated in interior design at the Ecole Boulle in Paris , then came to Brooklyn to study one semester at the Pratt institute. Today I aspire to design creative and sustainable projects that are also thought-provoking. I’m currently fulfilling these ambitions as an interior designer in Paris. more

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  • Yichen He

    Yichen He

    Pratt Institute

    I am an interior designer and also an industrial designer. My passion in the field of interior design is bringing details to the interior space and discussing the relationship between the user and the functional area. My background in industrial design had also supporting me to achieve my goal. With the detailing think about each individual element in the environment and use them to create a coherent interior design space. I’ve had opportunities to work on multiple projects such as hospitality, residential and commercial, also as well as industrial design field-specific in lighting fixtures and furniture. With both experiences in interior design and industrial design, I hope to use them to help people have a pleasant experience with interior space more

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  • Martha Smith

    Martha Smith

    Pratt Institute

    My name is Martha Smith. I’m a recent graduate of Pratt Institute with a degree in industrial design. My interest in design began with my love for furniture as I enjoy making objects that not only focus on craftsmanship but serve a functional purpose as well. Growing up in Philadelphia, PA, I was surrounded by antique furniture, which influenced my style in design. I now focus on creating pieces that are practical and relevant to today's day and age while still preserving the history of infamous and iconic designs. more

  • Aashna Bajaj

    Aashna Bajaj

    Pratt Institute

    Aashna Bajaj is a fifth-year student at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture and the Student Advisor to the Dean. Born and brought up in India, Aashna moved to New York as a teenager. Her experience has inspired thought and interest towards exploring architecture through the visions of culture and psychology, believing that when designing a new space, we should all ask ourselves - how does this offer dignity to its user? Does that space fulfil psychological needs in addition to physiological ones? more

  • Hongxuan Wu

    Hongxuan Wu

    Pratt Institute

    Hongxuan Wu / Mia is a 4th year industrial design student studying at Pratt Institute, minor in interior design. She is a hybrid innovation designer with a wide range of interests. Her works include application of emerging technologies, tangible user interface design, biomimicry, design for minority groups, and interspecies design. She aims to create insightful designs that refresh people's preconceptions. more

  • Mingfei Liu

    Mingfei Liu

    Pratt Institute

    Ms. Liu’s work ranges from an external focus on aesthetics to an internal sublimation at the level of design thinking. She believes that designers should not be limited to the design of their majors but should be well-rounded individuals who draw more design inspiration from life insights and express greater cultural and spiritual demands. more

  • Utkarsha Fuller

    Utkarsha Fuller

    Pratt Institute

    Utkarsha Fuller completed her graduate studies in Interior Design from Pratt Institute. She is currently working in an architectural firm in Manhattan. Her design ideology focuses on material and function. She is a creative designer with a panache for innovation. During her academic journey at Pratt, she explored various and diverse design projects such as residential, office, subway station design, furniture design and emergency housing. more

  • Tao Sun

    Tao Sun

    Pratt Institute

    There have been many changes to everyone's life on this planet recently, and there will be more in the future. Some of these changes, whether we like them or not, are permanent, especially on the Interior Design part. During this tough time, parks, community gardens and waterfront playgrounds have proved themselves to be better social spaces than coffee shops and bars. By pulling the traditional interior functions out, the interior can be a space that encourages encounters for different groups of people or thoughts, there will be more connections. more


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