Device to help people escape fires in high-rise buildings

Highly flammable cladding in high-rise buildings is putting vulnerable residents in grave danger of being unable to exit safely

Safex is an easy-to-use mask designed with two hours of filtered air, the filter creating positive pressure meaning that toxic smoke cannot get inside. The mask aids vulnerable users to evacuate quickly and independently or can be used in situations where the user need to wait to be rescued. This low-cost device has been tested and endorsed by firefighters in training.

Megan Snepvangers

  • Megan Snepvangers

    Loughborough University

    Megan is a curious, collaborative and innovative designer with a keen interest in both detail and empathetic design to fully solve all factors of a problem. With a background designing for a FMCG and now working as a designer for a design consultancy in Dublin focusing on medical and consumer products. Inspired by Grenfell Tower and Lakanal House, she designed and produced a personal fire escape device to aid the 94% of high-rise residents still living in highly flammable buildings in the UK. more

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