SEET – Support Education, Empower Together


A support and mentorship programme helping refugee women fulfill their potential

SEET is a study support programme for refugees, with a special focus on women. At the heart of the program is the mentoring relationship between the mentee (prospective refugee student) and the mentor (student through voluntary engagement). It offers a broad network, further networking opportunities, career-specific workshops, as well as financial support, facilitating female empowerment and a sustainable integration into Swiss society.


  • Constantin Kilcher

    Constantin Kilcher

    University of Cambridge

    Constantin is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Cambridge and currently a Mellon Fellow at Yale University. Previously, he studied History, Management and Economics and Philosophy at the University of Zurich and Modern European History at the University of Cambridge. Constantin has been with SEET since the beginning: he is Co-Founder, Co-President, Member of the board and leads the finance team.more

  • Julia Ahlberg

    Julia Ahlberg

    Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

    Julia is originally from Finland and grew up in Switzerland. She studies Design Management at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She joined SEET in summer 2021 and is part of the communication team.more

  • Leandra Aceto

    Leandra Aceto

    University of Zurich

    Leandra completed her Master in Strategic Communication and Management at the University of Zurich and now works at a communication agency in Zurich. Leandra joined SEET in summer 2021 as part of the communication team. more


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