Shift – Command – Alt


A sustainable alternative for office furniture

Shift, Command and Alt is a series of three flat-pack office chairs made of solid bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable and economical material that can be grown extremely quickly with little to no harmful waste. Its flexibility and tensile strength make it ideally suited for use in furniture, creating a product that is lightweight but strong. The innovation in this case is to have produced three standardised chair designs that can easily be packaged down and transported, allowing for large-scale production and widespread use.

Sushan Kumar Yumkhaibam

  • Sushan Kumar Yumkhaibam
    National Institute of Design, India

    I am a furniture designer. I am passionate about crafting furniture pieces that are functional, aesthetic, sustainable, symbolic and comfortable. My biggest personal bjective as a designer would be to take furniture from the society's dependance on trends and conventional aesthetics and transform it to expressive design which has a motive larger than utility and decoration alone.more

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