A prosthetic breast personalized to you

Simpla is an external breast prosthesis that is designed to fit the specific contours of the wearer’s body. This project is created for women who have experienced one-sided mastectomy in which one of their breasts was surgically removed. Simpla provides a highly personalized prosthetic by using 3D scanning and printing technologies. The Simpla user takes a series of photographs of her torso and then uploads them to a dedicated Web application that generates a 3D scan of her body. Based on this scan, a base model of the prosthesis is created. This model is designed to be a mirror image of the user’s remaining breast. She can then further personalize her piece in terms of type, structure and colour.

Małgorzata Załuska

  • Małgorzata Załuska
    Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

    Małgosia graduated from the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2017. In 2018 “Simpla” took a first place in “make me!” competition organized by Łódź Design Festival (winning the main prize - Paradyż Award). Małgosia is also a laureate of the Graduation Projects 2018. In the last few years, she focused on designing small industrial forms and communication design. Since 2016 she works at multidisciplinary design studio KABO & PYDO based in Warsaw. At the same time, she works on her own doing artistic and non-profit projects with her friends. Małgosia, apart from designing, is passionate about social sciences (which helps her in finding new fields to explore in design).more

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