Smart helmet that helps to prevent road accidents

Preventable accidents are increasing with the growing number of micromobility users on the road.

A wearable device providing real time interaction with the surrounding environment using warning lights to alert road users of the rider’s driving intentions. The turning light is activated by a rolling head gesture, a rear light warns drivers behind of a sudden stop, a third light inside the helmet extends the visibility of the rider by warning them of vehicles approaching from behind.


  • Yongjae Sohn

    Yongjae Sohn

    KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Yongjae Sohn is a M.S candidate at the CIxD Lab (Creative Interaction Design Lab of Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), South Korea. He recently completed his Bachelor's in Industrial Design and Mechanical System Design & Engineering (double major) from Hongik University with a distinction. Yongjae is passionate about human-computer interaction, human-centered design, qualitative research, and automotive vehicle. Apart from academic interests, he likes food, baseball, and traveling.more

  • Haeun Lee

    Haeun Lee

    KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Haeun Lee is a Masters student at the MAKinteract Lab, Department of Industrial Design, KAIST, Republic of Korea. She got Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design Engineering from Hongik univ, Republic of Korea. Now her main interests are HCI, especially physical computing. Her vision is to become a design researcher who understands engineering and can make a novel combination of them. Recently she published a paper on UIST which is named "ShrinkCells: Localized and Sequential Shape-Changing Actuation of 3D-Printed Objects via Selective Heating" as a second author. more

  • Taeyun Kim

    Taeyun Kim

    Hongik University

    Taeyun Kim is an engineer who graduated from Hongik University in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working as a Studio Engineer at the design center of an automobile company located in Korea. When he was an undergraduate, he became interested in UX design and interaction design while working on UX and interaction projects in mobility and robots. In this project, he made an interaction prototype Helmet(1st prototype) using an arduino. more

  • Yelim Lee

    Yelim Lee

    Yelim is a senior at Hongik University, majoring in Industrial Design and Design Engineering. She is a student researcher at MiMi Lab (Man Intelligent Machine Interaction Laboratory). She wants to understand technology and provide a better user experience based on logical thinking.more



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