In-situ suicide-prevention treatment for rural communities

Forty-five farmers commit suicide every day in India, most of them by poisoning, yet there is no immediate treatment available in remote villages.

This low-cost, portable device will help to save lives where speed of treatment is key to survival. SURVIVE automates the gastric lavage process reducing the time required for treatment from 45 minutes to 2 - 5 minutes. Minimal training is required meaning it can be used when no emergency medical personnel are available, and time is not wasted as travelling to hospital is less likely to be necessary.

UR Siddharth

  • UR Siddharth

    UR Siddharth

    National Institute of Design Haryana

    Siddharth UR is an industrial and experience designer who has been awarded 84 international design awards for his work. His practice focuses on providing meaningful design solutions that add value to people's lives on a global level. As a purpose driven design thinker, Siddharth beleives real-world challenges can be tackled by applying technical knowledge, creativity and empathy in any given situation. He completed his undergraduate studies in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design in India and is currently working with Philips Design. He works on research and development at the Philips Innovation Campus and hopes to revolutionize the healthcare sector through design.more

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