Tactility of Light


A haptic glove that allows users to perceive light through physical touch

Tactility of Light explores the possibility that light can be physically interacted with through the haptic modality. Although the traditional experience of light is directed by our visual perception, wearing this haptic glove users can experience a performative installation designed to display brightness variations and temporal dynamism of various light forms through touch.

Alina Ling

  • Alina Ling

    Alina Ling

    Nanyang Technological University

    An interaction designer that creates experiences and interfaces that explore new dimensions of sensory perception. Graduating from School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interaction Design. Incorporating technology with different modalities (visual, sound, tactile and haptic), her multi-modal works manipulate the physical and and intangible to provide a deeper understanding of the constructs of perceptual experience and space. The interactive devices she develops are inspired by research methodologies and technological solutions for the sensory-impaired, and are motivated by potential applications of sensory enhancement or rehabilitation. more


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