A system to give citizens increased agency regarding tax and government spending

Trax is a system which allows people to engage with the value of taxes to the individual, society and the environment. It allows people a direct say into what government budgets should support in their local area. People can trace the journey of their taxes and see their impact on the infrastructural and ecosystems around them. The benefits of these democratic tax decisions are then made visible in a positive and engaging way. Trax’s aim is to reach a larger audience, with a view to sparking further discussion and debate around how we can be designing differently for civic duty.

Connie Jehu

  • Connie Jehu

    Connie Jehu

    Umeå Institute of Design

    I’m a multi-disciplined designer looking to shape the future by seeing how the small parts fit into the bigger picture! Having grown up between France and the UK, I developed a passion for understanding people and this led me to initially study languages and culture at university. Through working in different fields, I realized I had a thirst for understanding different ways of making, thinking and doing which led me to do my master's in Interaction Design at the Umeå Institute of Design. I’m fascinated by the details in the meeting point between the physical, digital and social and how that can impact different forms of life, as well the systemic forces around it. I am also passionate about ethics and inclusivity to all walks of human (and nonhuman) life and love creating things that encourage people to develop, connect and empathize with each other and their world. Whatever the project, I want to keep learning, hopefully with a playful twist!more

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